The authors of Weekly Shonen Jump publish their chapters from week to week, subject to truly suffocating work rhythms, with the aim of delivering their stories to the many readers who are no longer only Japanese. Also kohei horikoshis My hero academy is subjected to these rhythms, albeit with a few more pauses.

Considering the state of health of the mangaka who seems very dancing lately, as evidenced by the many postponed chapters and the sudden interruptions from January to today, the author needs a few stops. And unsurprisingly, April and May are two months with some breaks already planned. Here it is My Hero Academia calendar for the spring semester:

  • This week the release of My Hero Academia 385 has been delayed due to no chapters being released on April 9th, 2023;
  • Chapter 385 will then be published on Sunday April 16, 2023 on Weekly Shonen Jump #20;
  • The manga will also be present on Sunday April 23, 2023, barring any last-minute news;
  • My Hero Academia will pause on April 30, 2023 along with all the rest of the magazine due to the Golden Week Holidays which will cease work entirely;
  • The manga will return regularly starting Sunday, May 7, 2023;

Thenceforth, everything will depend on Kohei Horikoshi's physical condition, which may prompt the author to take more breaks. Officially, however, only one more break is planned at the moment, even if everyone is used to My Hero Academia releases jumping by more than a week between January and March. In the same period, ONE PIECE is also ready for various breaks.

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