We have known Luffy Straw Hat from the start ONE PIECE. Eiichiro Oda's manga has always focused on his character, who has long been accompanied by a large group of pirates, from Nami and Zoro to Brook and Jinbe. However, there was a time when the Mugiwara were not the Mugiwara.

After the saga of Enie's Lobby and that of Thriller Bark, the protagonists of ONE PIECE were led completely to the Shabondy Archipelago. They met in the same place two years later, but found that some pirates were circulating for the mangrove islands pretending to be them.

Demaro Black and another group of villains split up for Luffy and his companions, with results between the disturbing and the ridiculous. What would have happened if they had become the real protagonists of ONE PIECE? A fan tries to imagine it with a drawing that follows a color side story of the manga. For the return of his characters after the ONE PIECE jump in time, Oda created a two-tone page with the entire crew.

The fan has replaced all characters with the alternatives of the crew of Demaro Blackand get a nice and strange result. As you can see below, the 35 million pirate replaces Luffy in the middle, and little by little there are other elements of the wrong crew, with the exception of Brook, who didn't have a replacement. We hope that the idea of ​​making this official parody arrives in Japan and is waiting to discover the eleventh member of the Mugiwara.

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