The final story arc of the manga series by Black clover has already wowed readers with sensational twists and big battles that pushed Asta to push past the limits he had set for himself. Between action and adrenaline there is also room for one of the funniest scenes in Yuki Tabata's entire work.

After a long and complex battle, Asta managed to liberate the Land of the Sun in Black Clover 352. All Enemies sent by Lucius Zogratis have been defeated, including the five-headed dragon that has long undermined the serenity of the citizens of this place far from the Kingdom of Clover. Once the battle is over, it's time for Asta and the Seven Ryuzen to celebrate.

In the Chapter 353 of Black Clover The protagonists of the fight attend a big party hosted by the shogun Ryuya Ryudo. However, Asta does not tolerate much alcohol and after a few glasses of sake he loses his mind.

Auction, drunk for the first time in his life, he is more relaxed than ever, free from thoughts and stress about the situation he is facing. When Ichika comes over to apologize for bad-mouthing her mentor, Asta replies that she must have had a hard time admitting her mistake. Ichika then turns on her heel and threatens to never speak to her again, while a happy Asta invites her over for a drink.

There The drunk version of Asta is the most irreverent and ruthless version of the character, much to the delight of teammate Vanessa Enoteca, with whom she gets to share a few drinks. For now, however, Asta needs to continue training in Black Clover.

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