One of the most anticipated animation productions of the year is The Witcher: Wolf's Nightmare, ambitious project that will throw the popular literary video game franchise into the world of animation. Produced by Studio Mir in association with Red Dog Culture House, it will appear in the Netflix catalog on August 23.

When there are only a few hours left for the streaming giant's debut, Studio Mir gives us a preview look at the Character cast from The Witcher: The Wolf's Nightmare. On its official Twitter profile, the animation studio actually revealed the character design of some of the characters we'll see throughout the film.

This new iteration of The Witcher franchise Geralt will leave Rivia to follow the stories of his teacher Vesemir. Nightmare of the Wolf is a prequel to the Witcher trilogy and focuses on the "youth" of his mentor.

In the images published by Studio Mir, we see the character design from different angles of Vesemir, Tetra, Deglan and Lady Zerbst, the four main characters on which the animated film will be based.

What do you think of this unprecedented date with the Witcher world? We leave you the preview clip for Nightmare of the Wolf and for posters and pictures for the anime of The Witcher.

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