In any fan community, whether it's movies or anime, there are always people who hate things that are popular. The most accepted theory is that these people become extremely irritable when popular series begin to be overexposed. In other words, seeing or hearing about something they dislike or aren't interested in being shoved in their faces repeatedly while everyone else around them applauds the content generates the opposite effect in these types of people, causing them to hate the franchise simply because it's popular. This phenomenon also occurs in the anime industry, and the Japanese have finally debated the topic.

It all started when Twitter user "@Ui0518" shared an image listing examples of people who hate everything that becomes popular for some reason, such as Kimetsu no Yaiba, Summer Time Rendering (although this case doesn't apply to the West due to The Walt Disney Company's unfortunate distribution of the series), Lycoris Recoil, Bocchi the Rock!, and most recently, Oshi no Ko. This post has now accumulated more than 13 million views, and it seems that many Japanese people have something to say about it:

  • "Personally, I don't like those series either, but I don't go arguing on social media!"
  • "Oh, I identify with that."
  • "I'm tired of these people only saying, 'That's overrated.' The only thing 'over' is your enormous ignorance."
  • "I don't like watching a certain anime just because it's popular. I prefer to watch them once the majority of the public's interest has passed."
  • "What's the criteria for considering something 'overrated'? Do you understand the concept, or do you just use it to define things that are 'more popular and appreciated than what you think'? Unfortunately, when something is too popular, it seems like these people want the series they like, which are probably failing, to have the same acceptance."
  • "Kimetsu no Yaiba and Oshi no Ko are certainly extremely overrated series."
  • "Well, criticism differs from person to person, so it's enough for me to have my own opinion."
  • "If you don't like something, it's best to keep quiet."
  • "Well, people who are bothered by things that are popular have a serious loser personality. I'm sure they're the kind of people who buy the worst-rated games and consoles."
  • "Everyone has their own hobby in some series. I think the resentment when the series you like isn't appreciated by the rest of the world is what makes you hate what did succeed."
  • "It's undeniable that Kimetsu no Yaiba is the most popular anime of the decade, after all, it has a cinema profit record that no one has been able to approach, but I don't understand some people's hatred towards the work."
  • "It's not that it's overrated; you just have bad taste in series, but you think you're the only one who's right."
  • "I think the most important thing is to stick to your opinion and not look to see what others think. In the end, your favorite series depends entirely on how successful it is, and people aren't going to like what you like if you start hating what they like."
  • "People who hate what's popular are the same ones who want to be seen as 'different and unique.' What they don't realize is that they end up affecting the things they like because everyone else believes that all fans of that series are like them."

In conclusion, while it's understandable to have differing opinions on popular anime series, it's important to respect others' views and not hate something just because it's popular. Everyone has their own taste, and it's perfectly okay to enjoy or dislike something regardless of its popularity.

If you're someone who enjoys popular anime, it's important to remember that not everyone will share your enthusiasm for the series you love. It's okay to discuss and recommend your favorite shows, but it's not okay to belittle or insult others for not sharing the same interests.

Likewise, if you're someone who dislikes popular anime, it's important to remember that others may have different tastes and opinions. It's okay to express your thoughts on a series, but it's not okay to attack or harass others for enjoying it.

At the end of the day, we should all strive to create a positive and respectful community where we can share our love for anime without fear of judgment or hatred. So let's celebrate the diversity of opinions and tastes within the anime community and keep enjoying the shows we love!

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