The sixth season of My hero academy, one of the most anticipated anime series for the fall season. While we wait to find out how the situations pending at the end of last season will play out now that the trailer has focused on the villain, a new character visual has been released.

Shigaraki's change of style, as if it were a rebirth, now depicted entirely with white hair, and the disturbing reinforcement of the Villains front will lead to the inevitable Paranormal Liberation Front war being contemplated one of the highlights of Kohei Horikoshi's entire oeuvre. Given the villain's centrality, the new visual, released on September 18, 2022 via social media, represents Tomura New design Shigaraki and Dabione of the most interesting villains and who, for those who have followed the manga, will also play a fundamental role in the future of the series.

Shigaraki appears with an elegance never seen before, with a long red cloak covering her enhanced suit. Dabi, on the other hand, appears in her usual design, a white shirt and long blue jacket, reminiscent of the stitches scattered across her body. Her expressions are also striking: if Shigaraki appears balanced and calm, Dabi seems ready to taunt his opponents. Tell us what you think of this image in the comments section.

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