There are so many mysteries waiting to be revealed. Some of these are introduced by Eiichiro Oda in the latest saga of ONE PIECE, is set in Egghead, an island not far from Wano that is home to none other than Vegapunk himself. The brilliant scientist knows many things about the world and who lives in it.

have unlimited knowledge Vegapunk knows pretty much everything and he can speculate theory after theory about anything he doesn't know. His thirst for knowledge also leads him to create invention upon invention, exploring the unknown with experimentation and research to the limits of morality. And it is precisely from one of these researches that was being conducted at the time of the MADS that a flood of theories was unleashed. If you haven't read ONE PIECE 1072 and are therefore not up to date with the manga, the content may lead to spoiler reveals.

Vegapunk and the other scientists managed to successfully create a clone of Stussy in their days as criminal scientists. This has led the manga fandom to come up with a number of theories Jewelry Bonney is a clone. In fact, the woman is about to discover a secret that her father, Kuma Bartholomew, has long kept hidden and that Vegapunk has been trying to protect. According to some, the secret lies precisely in his nature, not unique but copied from another individual.

According to some fans Bonney is a clone of Big Mom, and that would show in her greed, her pink hair, and the way she wears lipstick. However, the other physical factors do not seem to follow Big Mom's, although it must be said that her devil fruit may have led to a different situation for the woman. However, according to others Bonney is a clone of the previous Queen of the Sherbet Kingdoma character of whom very little is known so far.

In fact, Bonney is very close to her father for now, but nothing is known about her mother. He also never appears in the flashbacks, so there are a lot of open positions. Definitely wait a few chapters of ONE PIECE for the truth.

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