There were many characters who were initially enemies of the protagonists of dragon ball. Looking at everything from the beginning of Goku's story, one can think of Yamcha, Tenshinhan and Jiaozi, then Piccolo and gradually many others. Coming to the saga of androids, the twin androids C17 and C18 immediately come to mind.

Two brothers, Lapis and Lazuli, were hooligans and hooligans before Doctor Gelo transformed them into two of the most fearsome creatures in the entire universe. Upon awakening, they posed a major threat in Dragon Ball, but have visibly calmed down after a saga that saw Cell as a major antagonist. When C17 has relatively disappeared from the scene, C18 instead became a mother by marrying Krillin. Her brother followed her in this family choice around the same timein Dragon Ball Z

In fact, C17 has a wife and children. During his long absence, beginning at the end of the Cell saga, the android traveled to Monster Island, where he rescued the local ranger and researcher from a group of poachers. She becomes C17's wife and for this reason she decided to settle down and work as a ranger of the vast natural park to keep her peaceful life and save the native animals. The two soon had a son and then decided to adopt two more children. The five live peacefully in a secluded house in the nature park.

Since this is about the child born in the time warp between the Cell saga and the Majin Buu saga, that means it is the same age as cousin Marronas well as Goten and Trunks. So the four are more or less the same age, although there are no exact dates. On the other hand, there is no information about the two children adopted by C17, neither the name nor the age nor the sex. In practice, the android's family still remains a mystery, but who knows if Dragon Ball Super will dedicate space to them in the future. How old are C17 and C18 instead?

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