Confirmation of purchase from Crispy roll Hand in hand with Sony about Funimation Global Group stunned fans of the anime industry. While neither Funimation neither Crispy roll have revealed details of what this future purchase means, fans are already theorising about a "monopolyβ€œFrom the industry in the hands of the Japanese giant, although this will only be real after purchasing all the exclusive anime services available to date. Regarding the latter, an infographic is circulating on networks showing the companies affiliated with Sony and dedicated to the anime industry.


On the left are displayed Sony Corporation of America (SCA), the US subsidiary of Sony; Sony Entertainment, Inc., focuses on most of Sony's film, television and music businesses; Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc., American film distributor and producer; Yes Sony Pictures Television, Inc., American television production and distribution company.

On the right is displayed Sony Music Entertainment Japan (SME), the Japanese expansion of the Sony record company. The anime production company comes from this company Aniplexwho has subdivisions like Aniplex of America, which licenses anime in the US, as well as animation studios A-1 pictures Yes Kleewerk,

The two slopes meet again in the Funimation Global Group, LLC, an American entertainment company specializing in the distribution of foreign content. From this group are the sales services Manga entertainment (United States), WAKANIM (France), Crazy entertainment (Australia and New Zealand) and Funimation as a platform (USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Australia, New Zealand (via AnimeLab and Madman Anime Group) and Europe (via Wakamin)).

Thus, with the acquisition of Crispy roll, the Japanese giant also gets the company Crunchyroll EMEA, formerly known as VIZ Media Europe, SAS. This area includes sales services Anime on demand (Sales in Germany), Anime digital network (Distribution in France), KAZÉ anime (Sales in Germany) and AV visions (Germany, Austria and Sweden).

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