Since the beginning of 2023, many anime have been aired in Japan, some famous enough to catch the attention of streaming services offering this content abroad. And among the proposals of this winter season that opens the year, this masterpiece cannot be missing Vinland saga with its second season.

The first season of Vinland Saga was deservedly acclaimed, and despite everything, the second season so far is proving to be no less Thorfinn's situation has changed completely. Nothing remains of the little boy who set out from the cold north of Iceland: he has matured after the death of his father and become a ruthless warrior in the service of the enemy Askeladd, now he has given way to a more mature, thoughtful character who even more matures, moves in a different direction.

Vinland Saga Special Episode 6.5 it shows how much Thorfinn has changed. The anime's official Twitter account surprisingly decided to offer viewers a special and original episode titled "Drowning in the shadows" that lasts just over two minutes. In this mini-episode available in the video above, Thorfinn is still a young man in Askeladd's service and raids a village and kills people as well. However, when he tries to enter a house, the door reveals an adult Thorfinn gazing at the frightened families who live there.

A cathartic moment for the character and it also convinced Makoto Yukimura, the author of the original manga, to do one Round of applause for the anime production of this special installment of Vinland Saga. Meanwhile, the product continues to make sparks on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

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