The delicate post-war situation demands enormous resources from the Society of Heroes. The disastrous fight against the villains claimed the lives of numerous heroes and caused some of the survivors to hang up their cloaks. Therefore, the future of the country lies in the hands of the students of the hero academies My hero academy.

In My Hero Academia 6×19, the Dark Vigilante arc has officially begun. Confronting the remains of One For All and pondering Tomura Shigaraki and All For One has led Deku to make a difficult decision. Midoriya has distanced himself from his loved ones to preserve their health and focus solely on the fight for the fate of the world.

Anyway, the first few minutes of nineteenth episode of My Hero Academia Season 6 It leads viewers to better understand how much society has changed. The populace has lost faith in their heroes and begins to defend the city streets on their own.

In My Hero Academia 6x18, the trio of Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist invited civilians to do so escape to the academy for heroes, now set up as high security shelters. However, this invitation was not accepted by many citizens.

The people's hatred for the heroes is exposed when Shindo and Nakagame are badly rebuffed on a mission to a safe haven to invite vigilantes to Ketsubutsu High School. Either way, Shindo has a way of gaining her trust by defying Muscular. The up-and-coming hero is known for his Quirk: Quake Great he wins the respect of the civilian militia.

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