Emperors are the strongest individuals on the seas, aside from the bigwigs of world government and the navy. The One Piece, the mysterious treasure left by Joy Boy at Laugh Tale and found by Gol D. Roger seemed to be everyone's goal. all but one Shanks the redwho has already given up seeing him.

Shanks is back in ONE PIECE 1054 with a moment dedicated to him and his crew. The Emperor had the opportunity to see Luffy, who became one of the Yonkos, that is, an equal. Thinking back to the past, Shanks decides not to see the boy, despite his crew's insistence. On the contrary, it wants to leave this country to return to its territories. But before he leaves, he reveals something to his faithful companion, Benn Beckman.

Likewise Shanks will start fighting for One Piece. The Kaiser seems to have decided to get involved, as if he had been pursuing very different goals up until now. However, it is unknown where his research is located, whether or not he happens to have all the maps of the Road Poneglyphs thanks to his old travels with Roger. The fact is that now Luffy has another very powerful opponent to defeat before he becomes the new Pirate King.

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