There are elements of ONE PIECE manga that are practically never suggested in anime. Although Toei Animation tries to take all the material from the chapters and stretch it as much as possible in order to have enough playing time in the episodes, there is never an actual adaptation of the Mini adventures from ONE PIECE.

Nonetheless, these represent important pieces of history that not only deal with specific characters, but sometimes also reveal significant details, as happened during the Germa 66 mini adventures, which chronicled what happened to Sanji's family after the events of Whole Cake Island. Let's see the summary of what happened.

The Straw Hat Pirates' escape was successful, but the Vinsmokes still fought. However, they managed to escape from Cacao Island except for Niji and Yonji. THE Brothers two and four are captured by Mont d'Or and his book. Meanwhile, two mysterious figures arrive on the island. When the two are taken to prison and rendered harmless, Reiju and Ichiji show up on Whole Cake Island and rescue and recover the two brothers.

Caesar Clown also comes to their rescue, still in the Archipelago, who helps them face off with his Gas Oven and Katakuri, and so the scientist joins the group and they all escape from Whole Cake Island. Meanwhile, Pudding is kidnapped. Caesar Clown meets Judge Vinsmoke again and the two start arguing as they were members of MADS, an association of independent scientists founded by Vegapunk. Between quarrels and evil inventions, the two begin to reminisce about their past until they understand that in order to get rid of Vegapunk, they have to leave the group.

This is the last chapter of the Germa 66 adventure, at least for the time being told in chapter 1078 of ONE PIECE. Did you enjoy this mini-adventure created by Oda?

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