A battle ensues that will turn the tide of the entire wizarding world of Black Clover. Due to Lucius Zogratis' dangerous plans, not only is the Kingdom of Clover in danger, but the rest of the planet as well. However, there is Yuno who attacks, and it is with him that the Black Clover 356 spoilers.

The chapter consists of 15 pages in total, some of which are available in the gallery below. The title of Chapter 356 of Black Clover is "Never Land". Lucius Zogratis tells Yuno that he sure is strong, but that won't stop her. Some angels descended among the populace and among the magic knights, the latter unable to attack. In fact, these legless and flying creatures appear to be able to nullify the effects of any magical element. It all seems futile, everyone begins to despair of the situation while En and Sol try in vain to make things happen.

At some point, however, one magic permeates everyone: it is Yuno, who controls both wind magic and star magic and manages to give everyone a magical boost that resumes the fight with much more ferocity. Suddenly, Lucius attacks Yuno and locks him in a time bubble, but it has no effect on the boy. As he says himself, in "Neverland" there really is no time and therefore cannot age. Lucius recognizes Yuno as a rival, but Yuno rejects him and launches an attack on the final page, saying that he is not his rival. Who will win the final manga war?

Black Clover will be on hiatus next week.

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