Fire department ended February 22, 2022, after more than six years of publication in the pages of Weekly Shonen Magazine, and on the occasion of the publication of Volume 34, the last one, the author Atsushi Ohkubo has inserted a rather unique and toned message thoughtfully addressed to all readers, who supported him during this period.

While many continue to hope for a future project that will see the Soul Eater and Fire Force universes may returnAlso, given the continuity between the two works revealed at the end of Shinra's story, the author seems to have a different vision, expressed in deep sadness.

β€œThank you all for staying to the end. Fire Force is over. It's a story about life, but you could say it's also about death."Thus, Ohkubo began his message to the readers, before moving on, in bitter tones, to a reflection "Death is something no one can say they have experienced, and it can come at any time, and it can only be explained by our imagination. What is the idea of ​​death in this case? Humans are creatures using their imaginations. As their ideas and visions evolve, so does their sense of values ​​and death.”

Finally, the mangaka addressed the fans directly: β€œThe manga is exactly a series of ideas. My team left and the Atsushi-ya bar was demolished. I wish all Fire Force readers to let their imagination run wild and be happy every day." Let us know what you think of Ohkubo's message and the Fire Force series in the comments. Finally, we would like to remind you that the production of Fire Force Season 3 has been officially made by David Production.

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