Given that Akira Toriyama laid the foundation for Dragon Ball in the 1980s and continued the story for a decade, there are several characters who have become irreplaceable members of the main cast. Besides Goku, there are many fighters who have written important pages of history, such as Little Namekkian.

Originally appearing as an enemy, Goku's voice actor hated Piccolo due to the way he did things. Then this situation calmed down and then Masako Nozawa started enjoying himself behind the scenes with the voice of the Namekkian. Only the Piccolo's voice actor recounts some funny moments during the dubbing phase which he shared with the historical voice actress and other colleagues.

Toshio Furukawa revealed in an interview with the official Dragon Ball site that "Masako Nozawa knows how to set the mood in the studio. always jokes, makes all the work feel like a group of friends having fun. One of her lines that I remember was during a scene where Piccolo was training Gohan, when she and Joji Yanami (voice actor of Master Roshi and King Kaioh) started scolding me and said, "Stop bullying Gohan Joji was good with jokes too, I remember him saying to me, "Just because you're Furu-kawa doesn't mean you can go full force! He's just a baby! ' And then I would always end up apologizing, 'I'm sorry! It's part of my character!'”

Toshio Furukawa really loves Piccolo as his character can be found all over the house thanks to a large collection of figurines.

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