In a few months, the animated adaptation of Hell's Paradise - Jigokuraku will see the light on the Crunchyroll schedule. L'Author Yuji Kaku however, he will not remain idle while awaiting the debut of his work. The mangaka has actually been working on a project that's still shrouded in an aura of mystery.

The failure with Ayashimon, closed after only 25 chapters published on the MangaPlus digital platform, does not stop Yuji Kaku. The Mangaka has indeed a busy year aheadwhich consists not only in waiting for the debut of the Jigokuraku anime produced by Studio MAPPA.

To provide an update on the author's work situation, the same Sensei Kaku is through a note published on his official Twitter. This fans-only news reports that January 2023 has been a very busy month from a work perspective. Kaku said it's too early to announce the project he's gotten his hands on, and who is therefore a little annoyed. However, with the approach of Anime Japan and the debut of Hell's Paradise, the author is really looking forward to moving forward. This cryptic message is accompanied by a drawing of a little girl who looks a lot like Little Red Riding Hood. What do you expect from Yuji Kaku's next work?

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