This year Bleach celebrates his 22nd birthday. It seems to have happened only recently, but the first chapter of this work, which shaped the medium forever and was part of Shueisha's Big 3 with ONE PIECE and Naruto, was published back in 2001. An unpublished artwork by Sensei Tite Kubo celebrates this anniversary.

With the anime's return after a ten-year absence, Bleach has captured the title of best anime in history. Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood War actually captured the public with a great product packaged by Studio Pierrot.

In 2023, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War returns with the second Cour in the series. The debut is planned for the summer months of the year, right when the The manga series celebrates 22 years since it was first published on Weekly Shonen Jump.

The debut of Bleach in Shueisha's mother magazine dates back to August 7, 2001 to celebrate this very important anniversary in advance Tite Kubo posted an unpublished artwork on his official Twitter. The master's original illustration shows Kurosaki Ichigo wearing a t-shirt engraved with the Klub Outside logo, the subscription service to join the official mangaka fan club. And have you followed the adventures of Soul Society since day one, or did you first meet Bleach with the debut of the Millenary War anime?

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