At the end of War of my hero academia season 6 The Hero Society finds itself in a rather delicate situation. While public trust has plummeted, leading to the rise of the vigilante, those who fought the villains are still recovering from their wounds. Facing the worst is Midoriya.

While it wasn't the hero who suffered the worst damage, Deku is the only one who hasn't woken up yet since the end of the war. When Bakugo and Shoto are already standing and he takes over the spirits of the Todoroki family in My Hero Academia 6x17, Izuku is still in a coma.

Because of his rashness during the war Deku almost stole One For All by Tomura Shigaraki/All for One. In addition, he could not stop the escape of the enemies, who immediately returned to the strike after the liberation of hundreds of dangerous prisoners. Now what will happen to the boy who inherited the will of the Symbol of Peace?

In the next My Hero Academia 6x18, Deku will be projected into the internal world of One For All, where his predecessors will put him to the test. The remains of the strongest of the Quirks will reveal their secrets to him and place him face a difficult question. Will Deku Tomura be able to kill Shigaraki? The next episode will be titled Izuku Midroiya and Tomura Shigaraki, but before we continue, here's the discovery of Dabi's burns in My Hero Academia.

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