Weekly Shonen Jump is on hiatus before the New Year holidays and as a result all the titles in the magazine are liking it ONE PIECE You will stop for a week. Eiichiro Oda's manga will return in January 2023 with Chapter 1071, but there are some interesting clues to analyze in the previous installment.

Chapter 1070 didn't leave many doubts: Luffy has become very strong and he Clash with Lucci it could only turn in his favor after he became one of the 4 emperors. The author not only drew this epic revenge, but also played with the phonology and meaning of words.

The term 'dusk' (literally 'dawn'), which the protagonist uses to name his new bonds col Fifth gear can be read via kanji like 'White', a bit like the colors of the new power-up. But that's not all, as this, when read phonetically, has the value of 'Attract' in Japanese, which is the sound effect of a drum, the same one that happens to be found among onomatopoeia. The example in question can be summarized in a sequence of a table that, thanks to the user, we have proposed again below Arthur.

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