The return of the Bleach anime with the Millennium War adaptation has viewers hooked to see Kurosaki and his friends and the Soul Society warriors in action. Whoever escaped the fighting and stayed in the shadows is Ishida. What are Ishida's intentions in Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War?

Since his very first appearance Uryu Ishida has always been a very enigmatic protagonist who has always acted out of personal motives. However, the last of the Quincy had always been loyal to his small group of friends consisting of Ichigo, Orihime and Chad, but then why didn't he join them against the Sternritter invasion?

Due to his origins and the hate flowing between Quincy and the Shinigami, Ishida had no interest in championing Soul Society. However, early in the season he was still pushing his father and taking an interest in the history of the Quincy, perusing books and magazines detailing the war a thousand years ago.

What Ishida found out about the Quincy's fate is unknown, but in Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War 1x13 we see him defect to the side of the enemy. Why did Uryu ally with Yhwach?

After what Ishida has spent with his teammates, he is it's hard to imagine that he could turn his back on them. As distant and cold as he can be, he has demonstrated his caring nature countless times. Abandoning Ichigo, Inoue, Chad, Renji, and Abarai himself just to follow Quincy's pride seems highly unlikely. It is therefore much more reliable that Ishida joined the Wandenreich follow Yhwachs' plan closely and strike when the Star Knights least expect it. However, Your Majesty is anything but a fool considering how he managed to bypass Commander Yamamoto. However, Ishida's intentions will come to light with the release of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Part 2.

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