A war is not such without dead, wounded and destruction. And both heroes and villains in this saga of My Hero Academia have worked hard to do so. Two models of society in confrontation that are in battle will establish the foundations of the new Japanese world. Who will win between the heroes led by Endeavor and the evil criminals following Shigaraki?

Shigaraki’s quirk is destroying everything and hardly anyone can stop it. For this starting from the last chapter, My Hero Academia 273 reopens with Deku’s attack which uses 45% One for All. Despite the Air Smash, however, the debris does not stop pulverizing and the effect of the quirk of Shigaraki spreads also in the rest of the city. No one in the hospital answers anymore while the young heroes do everything to bring as many people to safety.

At the epicenter of the wave of destruction there is Tomura Shigaraki, definitely awake, with white hair that contrasts with a long black coat. Looking at the capsule where it was, he notices the destruction of some of the vials obtained by Overhaul, while thanks to a transceiver he gives the order to Gigantomachia: reach him together with the others and start destroying everything.

At the villa in Gunga, Tokoyami meets Fatgum while he takes Hawks to safety. Meanwhile in the center of the battlefield, Himiko Toga embarks on a suicide mission injuring and killing many heroes. According to Mr. Compress, who is joined by Dabi, Twice’s death has shocked her and has now lost all her limiters. While Toga is determined to kill anything she doesn’t like behind her Gigantomachia comes out to begin its trail of destruction.

We then return for the ending of My Hero Academia 273 from Shigaraki that suddenly we see Endeavor coming on us. There will therefore be one clash between Shigaraki and Endeavor in the next chapter of My Hero Academia, arriving on Sunday 7 June on MangaPlus.

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