The first promotional video for the short series was released. Chou Futsuu Toshi Kashiwa Densetsu R. The series will premiere through the channel. Chiba TV next July 6.

The project is produced by people from the cities of Chiba and Kashiwa, in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The project is titled “Chou Futsuu Toshi Kashiwa Densetsu” and the first animation was produced in 2016, followed by a second in 2019. Both animations were published through Youtube and transmitted through terrestrial signal on television.

That is why, Chou Futsuu Toshi Kashiwa Densetsu R is the third animation of the project, and it was financed with two million yen (approximately $ 18,750) collected through a financing campaign, and the people who contributed to it will also have a special appearance. This new series will have ten episodes.

Cast of voices

  • Ako Shagawa like Pechiko.
  • Nagare Denya like Momoko Takasato.
  • Tega-chan like Yuikari Akiyama.
  • Hitohana Hachifune like Honoka Nitta.
  • Chiyo Yasuura like Shion Honda.
  • Shino Kamatani like Yuuka Reisui.
  • Manuu like Mei Okada.

Production team

  • Shinya Murai is in charge of directing the anime in Chou Futsuu Studio, as well as the writing of the series scripts.
  • Hiro Nakamichi and others are in charge of character design.
  • Kouji Kawashima, Rui Natsumi and Shou Udagawa They are in charge of the composition of the soundtrack and the sound direction.

Chou Futsuu Toshi Kashiwa Densetsu R Synopsis

The story centers on the daily life of a group of high school girls from the city of Kashiwa, featuring absurd humor and alterations of reality. The objective of the series is the promotion of the area through the sample of different points of interest.

Source: AIR News

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