The achievement of Gear Fifth's Monkey D. Luffy was an event that the entire community of was now waiting for ONE PIECEand Eiichiro Oda once again managed to surprise all readers by adding eye-catching information and adding value to one of the most original and aesthetically spectacular forms that the protagonist has ever achieved.

That Luffy's new designassociated with the sun god Nika, where the predominant color is white, also extended to clothing, with hair represented like flames and constantly surrounded by clouds of smoke, immediately attracted the attention of the community and, after numerous tributes and fanart, the first official figures and statues dedicated to the Gear Fifth have been announced.

The last announced by Showmaker Studio and the one you'll find below features Straw Hat ready to attack the opponent with lightning bolts, trapped in the right hand, and Armor's Ambition in the left arm. To embellish the product there is a spectacular base, a dragon with LEDs instead of eyes. there Statue will come in two versionsin 1: 4 scale at a price of 230 euros and in 1: 6 scale at a price of 355 euros, and will be launched between the end of 2022 and the first months of 2023.

Finally, we leave you with the predictions of Chapter 1049 of ONE PIECE, which will be released on Manga Plus on Sunday May 15th.

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