In Explorations, Danzel is the strongest Pokémon trainer the young man from Pallet Town has encountered in his entire life. Eventually, Ash was able to prove his worth to the world. And now the anime continues.

ISactually available there Pokémon: Explorations Episode 133 official synopsiswhich is called Project Mew and will be released on November 25th. Mew is a first-generation Psychic-type Pokémon. This funny creature with the appearance of a kitten has mysterious origins and is called "Pokémon Novaspecie". Anime first appeared in adaptations in 1998 with Pokémon The Movie Mewtwo Strikes Again.

and Mew will be the focus of Pokémon: Explorations 133. The official synopsis actually reads as follows: "With the finals of the tournament taking place, Go sets off in search of Mew at the "end of the world". Go, Gary, Tokio, Asahi, and Tsurugi ended up on the island, but lost contact with Professor Hodoka in the lab and their pokeballs also stopped working. Confused about what will become of Go and his friends on the occasion of the quest Meow?"

We'll find out soon, but there's no rush as the celebrations for Ash in Tokyo have only just begun!

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