In the first flash forward Boruto: Naruto the next generations, the world of the ninja is now over. The latest chapter in Masashi Kishimoto's manga sequel brings us closer to that moment. Is the gift the protagonist receives an indication of his master's impending death?

In Boruto 69, the ninja of Konoha are subdued by Eida, but from another part of the village, two protagonists have an interesting clarifying conversation.

Since their very first meeting Boruto and Sasuke have formed a strong bondthat goes beyond that between student and teacher. However, the fight against Isshiki Ootsutsuki seemed to have broken this relationship as the Uchiha had lost his Rinnegan through Borushiki's rebirth. This misunderstanding is resolved in Chapter 69.

They stayed apart for a long time, when the two meet, they find a way to have a long talk, which arouses feelings of jealousy in Sarada. sasuke apologizes to Boruto for not being present during the fight against Code, a fight in which the boy lost his life. In Boruto 69, Sasuke admits that he is ready to die, but at this point the blonde protagonist returns the forehead given to him by the master.

Knowing how much this front page means to Boruto, Sasuke decides to go for it leave it to him as a kind of legacy. This, however, irrevocably pushes us to the first flash forward of the work, in which we see Boruto wearing this forehead covering and other items belonging to his master. there Sasuke's death it seems ever closer and more inevitable.

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