A dramatic cliffhanger kept the readers in suspense. In Vigilante My Hero Academia - Illegals, Crawler was just one step away from death. The replacement ofa spin-off from Furuhashi and Betten Court takes us two weeks away from this event: did Koichi Haimawari manage to survive?

Chapter 124 of the prequel manga begins with an update from Detective Tsukauchi. The latter illustrates the current situation in a sick room of a mysterious figure. Apparently theNumber 6's suicide explosion did not kill Koichi, whom we see wounded but still alive. Eraserhead's worst nightmare was not repeated in Vigilante.

The horrible No citizens were involved in the Battle of Naruhata: There are no casualties among civilians. This reassuring fact clears Koichi of the allegations leveled against him. The supervisor's intervention has no consequences.

His partner also arrives in the protagonist's room. As we have seen, Pop Step also managed to save himself in Vigilante. The girl is in a wheelchair and cannot speak. However, gives his friend an All Might Hoodie. The latter promises never to wear it and give up being a vigilante.

When Pop Step leaves the room, embarrassed and in tears because she couldn't confess, she comes right back. However, he finds that Koichi is already wearing the All Might Hoodie. At this point he is forced to sign a Contract that makes him a full-fledged Pro Heroes.

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