Masashi Kishimoto's work is not only famous for the fights, but also for the psyche of its protagonists. Among these, one of the most popular by the fandom is from Naruto is Itachi Uchiha, the one who got the most out of the illusory arts.

Itachi has behaved unclearly for much of the series. What if this course of action was dictated by the stars? Born on June 9th, Sasuke's older brother is from sign of twins. That explains a lot. After examining Naruto's zodiac sign Sasuke, this time it's time to analyze the eldest of the Uchiha.

The sign of Gemini is one of the three air signs in the astrological tradition. Geminis are flexible and creative, but also aloof and quirky. They are compassionate and skilled communicators as well as unpredictable and difficult to read. Because of this, twins seem to have a dual nature. Even from these premises it is clear how much Itachi corresponds to this description.

Itachi, who was recently the protagonist of the massacre of the Uchiha clan in Naruto live action, has always been dedicated to his mission, both as part of ANBU Squad and as a member of Akatsuki. In fact, even to the detriment of his entire dynasty, his only intention was to protect his younger brother and the entire Leaf Village, and respected them is entrusted to him by his best friend Shisui.

He was able to do this by joining the Alba organization Check Tobi's actions closer and to guide Sasuke. However, despite his resurrection in the Fourth Great Ninja War, he failed to save his brother from evil. A role he has entrusted to Naruto, however.

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