The writers of Death Note are one of the most popular couples in the Japanese comic scene. Tsugumi Ohba's narrative talent and Takeshi Obata's fascinating pencil style have given way to one of the most iconic collaborations in manga culture over time. Either way, this is their latest effort Platinum finish.

After several years of monthly serialization, with popularity perhaps too quiet for a much more ambitious title than it seems, even for their latest work will finally enjoy an anime adaptation. The announcement came during the Jump Festa 2021, the Shueisha home event that has already reserved pleasant surprises like the new trailer for My Hero Academia 5.

In reality, the announcement of the television transposition of Platinum End was just a formality, having identified the anime's domain a few weeks ago, the address usually used as the official website. While we don't talk about the series often, the work is definitely very interesting as it touches extremely sensitive subjects like suicide and religion, and mixes everything with science fiction and the psychological vibe of Ohba Sensei. The studio responsible for the project will be Singal.MD with the entrusted direction Hideya Takahashi, Director of Jojo's bizarre adventure: Golden Wind. However, the anime's debut is expected for Fall season 2021.

The summary of the work follows: "Mirai's great life suddenly turned into her worst hell when her family died after a mysterious accident. But the arrival of an angel by his side could change things for the better. With her new angelic powers, will Mirai be able to overcome her tragic past and achieve true happiness?""

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