Through the stories of Tenko Shimura and Toya Todoroki, Kohei Horikoshi led readers to believe that it was the Hero Society itself that formed and raised the villains. However in Chapter 351 of My Hero AcademiaThrough the words of Shoto, the author reminds us that each individual chooses their own destiny for themselves.

The latest chapters of the manga series have attracted attention Story of Dabi's past. Through his story, the Blue Flame Villain reiterated how he became an insane criminal due to the burden Endeavor placed on his shoulders when he was a child.

In My Hero Academia 351, two sparks collide and Shoto manages to respond to his older brother's allegations. Initially, Shoto experienced exactly the same situation as Toya, but thanks to her will and the contribution of Midoriya and her other friends, he was able to change his path.

Toya and Shoto are two sides of the same coin, two innocent children who were destined for the same fate and who pursued it in two different ways. In My Hero Academia 351, when Shoto is confronted with his weakness, he utters some very meaningful words.

It is certainly true that he and Toya were deprived of many joys because of their father Enji, but no one has ever forced them to harm innocent people. The losses caused by Dabi are not Endeavor's responsibility, only Toya Todoroki himself. Dabi is still strongly connected to the past. Will he be able to rid himself of these ghosts after the words and Flashfire Fist of his brother: Phosphorus?

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