We are waiting to find out how the story of Eren Jaeger and his companions will end in the third and final part of the fourth season attack on Titanthe franchise continues to be very present on the market, also with products that could attract the niches of passionate collectors such as B. a special and prestigious deck of cards.

The protagonists ofWork born from the mind of Hajime Isayama they were actually immortalized in a deck of hanafuda cards, traditional in Japanese culture and characterized by the presence of flowers, as literally as the term can be translated "Bunch of flowers". It's about 48 high quality cardsprinted using traditional methods, and features Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and other important characters rendered with backgrounds and drawings typical of Hanafuda.

They were introduced two versions of the cards in questionsold in a wooden box at a price of around 28 euros or in a special frame in which they are all displayed at a price of around 28 euros 130 euros. In addition, as stated on Charaditional Boy, the site that sells the cards, the cheapest edition can be shipped around the world at once The premium edition is restricted to the Japanese borders only regarding shipments.

To finish we leave you with a faithful cosplay dedicated to Mikasa Ackerman and a special dedicated to the development of the MAPPA studio.

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