The platform Netflix Japan announced via his official Twitter account that the animated adaptation of the manga will be written and illustrated by Kousuke oono, Gokushufudou ((The househusband's way), will have a second part. Further details will be announced shortly.

The series premiered on the platform Netflix worldwide on April 8th with a total of five episodes with synchronization in several languages. For its part, Oono publishes the manga via the digital service Kurage Bunch from the publisher Shinchosha since February 2018. The publisher published the fifth compilation volume on June 9th in Japan, followed by the sixth on November 9th.


  • Kenjiro Tsuda like Tatsu.
  • Shizuka itou like Miku.
  • Kazuyuki okitsu as a fair.

Production team

  • Chiaki kon ((Back Street Girls: Gokudolls, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal Film 1, Golden Age, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) is responsible for directing the anime in the studios JCSTAFF.
  • Susumu Yamakawa ((Back Street Girls: Gokudolls, Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san) is responsible for writing and monitoring the scripts.

Gokushufudou Synopsis

"Tatsu the Immortal," the legendary yakuza who single-handedly defeated a rival gang with a lead pipe, is a name known for terrifying both the toughest police officers and the most dangerous criminals. Shortly after his sudden disappearance, he reappears with a slight career change. Tatsu is now equipped with an apron and has renounced violence. He's honestly trying to make a living as a householder.

As Tatsu gets used to everyday housework, he discovers that being a housewife has its own challenges, from the battlefield known as grocery store sales to kitchen mistakes. Although he lives in peace, misunderstandings seem to follow him from left to right. Gokushufudou follows the weirdly serious ex-yakuza's everyday life as he leaves his dangerous past life behind to become a home-stayed husband.

Fountain: Official Twitter account

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