A few days separate us from the official debut ONE-PIECE: RED and some spoilers and rather relevant details about curiosities about the main characters and some sequences of the film are gradually appearing on the net. So, let's see three pieces of information of the expected film shared on social networks.

To report these curiosities, the user @ Orojapan1, who has often proved reliable also for leaks and spoilers related to the manga, has been through the post that you can read at the bottom of the page. The first information deals with the opening scenes of the film, which should develop after one Filming took place during one of Uta's shows.

Secondly, and without much surprise for the community, the young and famous singer seems to have gods Powers derived from a devil fruit, although the name is not given in the advances. As the daughter of one of the four emperors of the sea, the possibility that Uta came into contact with one of the fruits and that, we can surmise, it has something to do with music seems entirely plausible.

Finally it seems so BartholomewCaptain of the Pirates club Barto, and that we already knew he would have a role in the film thanks to previously released character designs, both very interested in Uta, although he remains a staunch supporter of Luffy and holds the position of General of the Second Division of the Great Straw Hat Fleet. Finally, we leave you with the new ONE PIECE: RED trailer.

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