The seven deadly sins, Manga, written and drawn by Nakaba Suzuki, has been one of the most watched and beloved comics in recent years and has reached quite significant figures thanks to the first seasons of animated adaptation that convinced many viewers to approach its paper counterpart in the industry of work.

The adventure of Meliodas and his companions, known as Seven Deadly Sins, has managed to capture millions of fans largely thanks to the first season of the anime, produced by A-1 Pictures. But already from the first publication on the pages of Weekly shonen jump in October 2012 it had already gained a following with many readers, as shown by the graphic you can find in @Josu_ke's post at the bottom of the news.

The graph is interesting for two reasons. First, it helps us that Differences in sales before and after the anime airedwhich once again underlines the impressive potential of transpositions. Second, it allows you to get an overview of the commercial path of work that was as stated in the tweet the second best-selling manga in Japan in 2015, immediately after ONE PIECE and before the attack of the giants.

Perhaps because of the numerous criticisms of seasons 3 and 4 produced by Studio DEEN and Marvy Jack, as well as the longevity of the story itself, many readers have moved away from the Suzuki universe and taken in a slight but progressive drop in sales volume to volume. At the time of Volume 41's release, the last one, sales were actually very similar to the pre-anime period.

In summary, The Seven Deadly Sins has nevertheless experienced a period of great success and public interest and has 37 million copies in circulation to date. What do you think about it? Do you think that Continued Four Knights of the Apocalypse can the numbers of the original work match or exceed? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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