I'm looking forward to the official debut of Infinite limitDC Comics, the summer mini-series of the year, has revealed juicy details about the first five books and given the community its first glimpse at each book's cover.

Infinite limit # 1 will debut on June 22ndand recorded events right where they left off with Volume Zero, that is, when the heroes saved the Multiverse from Perpetua. "The long-lost heroes have returned from the exile they were in. At least most of them." Alan Scott, the Justice Society of America's Green Lantern, is determined to find them all, but there are some who would rather stay in the dark.

After the first volume, it's the turn of June 29th One-Shot Infinite Frontier: Secret Files, which will contain six stories set in the narrative universe of the miniseries.

The story continues in July with Infinite Frontier # 2, which delves into the plot by uncovering the hidden secrets within the multiverse. Two weeks later, the third issue, which focuses on the story of Barry Allen, appears.

In August it will be the turn of Infinite Frontier # 4 and immediately after the fifth volume which will lead readers to one End that could mean chaos and crisis for the multiverse. DC Comics then presented the covers and variant covers of each volume. If you place the special covers horizontally next to each other, you will get a spectacular poster.

Here are the DC Comics titles for Free Comic Book Day 2021. Let's find out all the details about DC Infinite Frontier # 0.

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