The anime has been from Boruto: Naruto the next generations introduced Kawaki, a character who proves to be fundamental to both the future of the protagonist and the entire Leaf Village. Only in episode 201 does the Receptacle make an important figure known.

Over the course of the latter part of the animated series, the Kara organization has finally stepped onto the scene to give it a try Kidnap Kawaki and bring it back to the base of the group. However, Naruto stepped in to prevent Delta from successfully completing his mission, and after taking the boy's fate to heart, he decided to protect him under his wing.

Receive Affection for the first time Throughout his life, as a token of gratitude, Kawaki has even lost his arm to run in defense of the Hokage. The connection between the two is constantly evolving, but the man Kara is looking for doesn't yet know what's in Naruto.

In episode 201 of Boruto, Kawaki will eventually crossbreed with Kurama. While Naruto is resting in his bed, the nine-tailed fox appears before the boywho is shocked to discover the Kyuubi. "I can't believe he has such a monster in his body. I'm not surprised he's so strong"Kawaki says himself.

Kurama, on the other hand, says that it occurs to him to watch him the teenager Narutowho is excluded from others and all alone. But what else does the fox have to tell him? Here are the previews of the next episodes of Boruto.

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