The fifth season of My hero academia is currently engaged in joint training between Grade 1-A and Grade 1-B of Yuei High School, and while the main focus is mostly on test takers, the community wanted to pay tribute to All Might.

While the sparring game between the budding heroes of Yuei High School is still going on, the opera's fandom has noticed the great Change made by All Might: from the number one hero and symbol of peace to the teacher who is ready to give advice and comfort to his students.

After retiring from the scene after clashing with All For One and eventually passing the One For All torch on to Midoriya, Toshinori Yagi stood forever be all power. Unable to switch to muscle shape, the former hero had to adapt to his new lifestyle and pursue the profession of 100% Yuei teacher.

It goes without saying that the fans of My Hero Academia have noticed this big change and how much effort he's put into making himself useful again. According to some users, Toshinori Yagi even seems to have one healthier lifestyle. As pointed out by Sir Nighteye, All Might neglected his diet and recently coughed blood frequently and willingly. However, now the former hero coughs less often and looks much healthier than in business.

So other fans joked that he can finally wear some Clothes your size without running the risk of tearing them apart by switching to muscle shape. And would you rather see him in the role of hero instead?

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