Thanks to Makima's display of superiority in Chainsaw Man 1x09, the group of bombers serving the Devil Pistol was repulsed. However, the consequences for public safety are catastrophic as they are numerous Felhunters fell victim to enemy attack.

In Chainsaw Man episode 10, while Aki comes to terms with the suffering caused by the death of Himeno, Denji and Power are exposed to one brutal workout. The Majin and the Chainsaw Man must be able to defeat the agent Kishibe, who will kill them and then revive them until the two are strong enough to resist him.

In any case, a different ending theme was aired in this episode as well. there Ending 10 of Chainsaw Man is "DOGLAND" by the group PEOPLE 1. The track is accompanied by the video that you will find at the bottom of the article, shared on different platforms by Studio MAPPA.

The final theme begins with Denji sits in an armchair and is surrounded by dogs. After being shot in the head and opening his eyes again, the protagonist embarks on a wild ride, encountering the monsters he has fought so far. Having escaped, he finally manages to rejoin his companions Power and Aki. Here are the secrets of the Chainsaw Man ending 8.

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