The one for all is evolving. Since Deku started draining more and more percentage of his power, a metamorphosis has been activated. The protagonist of My Hero Academy he saw the birth of a somewhat sudden and also constant change over time, which became bigger and bigger and which led him to discover different things.

In fact, he's now an atypical owner of One for All, as all previous owners were able to repurchase a will and transfer their Quirk in an enhanced version. So here Deku has acquired one of the most dangerous and powerful powers of My Hero Academia. Recently the boy unlocked a new power: Who was the fourth owner of One for All and what was his quirk?

Hike Shinomori is a man who inherited the One for All from the third owner. Unlike the predecessors, he decided not to fight All for One, but to train incessantly in order to improve the Quirk's power and thus pass on a much higher strength to the future owner. She has light-colored hair and has two large scars on the left side of her body that cross the eyelid and end on the cheek. He lived with One for All for 18 yearsaged 22 to 40 when he passed it on and died.

In the quirk is also its original power, danger sense: When a danger occurs, the user begins to have a strange feeling, which then knows that something is wrong. The quirk of the second owner of the One for All is still a mystery.

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