Over the past few months we've talked many times about how important Netflix's role has been in the animation sector and how the streaming giant is erasing anime in the west. A few hours ago, the official Twitter profile claimed that In the US, the time spent watching anime doubled in 2020, but what were the most watched series of the year?

As you can see below, some fans have stated PokΓ©mon: Explorations, presumably also on Netflix Italy after the broadcast on K2, e The seven deadly sins, another entertainment giant that is widely cherished despite its much-criticized third season. Many others have spoken of it Beastars, hands down one of the most surprising anime with a second season in 2021 or the latest effort from WIT Studio Great pretender.

Regardless, however, the numbers reported by Netflix are truly remarkable reports 100% growth in just one year. In the past twelve months, the platform has made many exclusive offers, offered the simulcast of several fat souls and even signed an important agreement with four major Japanese animation studios. Investments seem to be paying off right now and this can only be excellent news for all fans.

In Italy the situation is less surprising, but here too the anime has continued to grow, largely due to the extraordinary success of series of the caliber of The promised Neverland, The attack of the giants is My hero academia.

What do you think about it? Do you support Netflix's contribution to the anime sector? As always, please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below!

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