in the ONE PIECE, Germa's princess, Vinsmoke Reiju, has extraordinary healing powers that once saved Luffy from being poisoned. Like her siblings, Reiju underwent a genetic modification that gave her special abilities.

Sanji's little sister She is gifted with extraordinary strength, so much so that by the age of eleven she was able to bend the irons of a cage. The changes made allow her to suck poison from humans through mouth-to-mouth contact and ingest it into her body with no side effects. It can also attack enemies with poison injections or spit.

Confirmations come from Oda that won't go unnoticed by ONE PIECE's most avid fans, who in the meantime are stomping on the release of ONE PIECE Volume 14. The author explained that the forces of reiju derive from combat suit. More specifically, the mangaka explains that Reiju's cloak works in synergy with his ability to shape poisons. Since Judge created the children's bodies from the start to adapt to their respective powers, Reiju is able to use some of his abilities such as: B. sucking poison without needing his suit.

Fans of Oda's masterpiece thus receive confirmation of the work and can read our review of ONE PIECE Film RED spoiler-free between one new theory and the other.

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