After just four episodes chainsaw man It's already garnered praise from critics and audiences alike. The MAPPA studio production promised to be of the highest standard, but few would have expected the incredible pinnacles touched by the animations, the perfect accompaniment to Tatsuki Fujimoto's magnificent story.

In the first episode of Chainsaw Man, we were able to appreciate, albeit briefly, Pochita, Denji's best friend the chainsaw devil. Similar to a little dog, Pochita immediately caught the attention of viewers who literally went crazy over him, like the fan who created a pumpkin pochita for Halloween.

Not only that, KFC has dedicated the pochita chicken to Chainsaw Man, confirming how great the little one is devil chainsaw was appreciated by everyone. Right now they are depopulating the web of custom sneakers by Pochitawhich you can see in @'s tweet at the bottom of this messageNezukoSocial.

The shoes are a classic large model of orange, black and white sneakers. On the side parts are the tables from Tatsuki Fujimoto with Pochita, which we then find in color in the foreground. Being a bespoke shoe model, there are no official channels where to buy them.

Who knows if we can see Pochita again in the next episodes of Chainsaw Man since he has taken the heart's place of Denji. However, the boy will be saddened by the news that Pochita will not only be in his heart, but also at someone else's feet!

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