The island of Egghead is now in chaos. In the last chapters of ONE PIECE The Mugiwara were forced to face powerful opponents in a series of intense battles. But now the World Government has brought its finest pawns onto the battlefield, and Luffy may be forced to forge an alliance with old enemies.

L'Meet the brilliant Vegapunk, and later with CP0, caused a series of unfortunate events before the devastating Seraphim arrived. The weapons developed by the scientist himself become unresponsive to his commands and literally level Egghead, directing their attacks at both the Straw Hat Pirates and the CP0. All communication devices on the laboratory island have been destroyed, making it impossible even for Vegapunk clones stop the Seraphim rampage.

Faced with such a desperate situation, Luffy and Zoro attempt to join forces to respond, even going so far as to protect Rob Lucci and Kaku from one of the Seraphim's myriad attacks. At this point, in the final tables of chapter 1075, Lucci, the man at the helm of CP0, one of the finest elite units in the service of world government, proposes the protagonist of Eliminate all grievances associated with the past and forge an alliance to resolve this confusion and be able to survive.

You can tell by Luffy and Zoro's hilarious expressions how opposed they are to the idea, but the Seraphim continue to wreak havoc, and that might be the case the key to getting out of Egghead alive. What do you expect from this unlikely collaboration? We await your opinion in the comments.

Before we say goodbye, we leave you with a theory about the Seraphim Revolt in Egghead and with the pictures of Chapter 1076 of ONE PIECE arriving on Sunday February 26, 2023 on MangaPlus.

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