The clash between Doflamingo and Luffy is just one of many the Straw Hat Pirate had to face along the way, but it meant so much to Dressrosa and her fans ONE PIECE. During this saga, the protagonist demonstrated the power of the Gear Fourth and won the friendship of the commanders of its vast fleet.

However, the epic of this battle has been depicted several times over time. For example, there are many statues on Luffy VS Doflamingo to show how impressed the fans were by those scenes, starting from the moment that Luffy stops Doflamingo's foot, which was about to kill Law, lying on the ground and exhausted. However, there are other interpretations, such as B. sometimes faithful and sometimes parodic illustrations. For example, you will remember this parody with Spongebob, now a parody with the characters of Looney Tunes has arrived.

An illustration posted on Reddit by Weird Human Thing sees Duffy Duck as Doflamingo with his iconic evil smile while Bugs Bunny plays the role of Luffy. So a very funny Doffy Duck was born, but he was beaten by Bugs Luffy. Surely this enthusiast had a great imagination to unite these characters, what do you think of this illustration?

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