One of the most famous anime of all time, Saint Seiya - The Knights of the Zodiac is available on Amazon Prime Video. Masami Kurumada's project is still going strong thanks to many spin-offs and sequels, with the same author still in the game at the working level. We're tracking character discovery groups Who is Aiolia di Leo?Knight of the Lion.

Aiolia is a character not new to Kurumada at a design level as she is based on Zaji from Raimei no Zaji. The character has a normal but fit physique and is one of the first golden knights to appear in Saint Seiya. In The Knights of the Zodiac, Seiya is being hunted by him, who had been convinced by Saga to hunt down and kill Saori Kido and the treacherous Bronze Knights in order to recover the Archer's golden armor. At the end of a brief confrontation, Aiolia swears allegiance to Saori Kido, doubting what he was commanded to do.

Only in a confrontation with Saga, The latter manages to manipulate Aiolia's mind thanks to the distraction of Shaka the Maiden. Thus, the golden knight of the lion in the 5th house will face the protagonists of The Knights of the Zodiac. Pegasus will be the one who will fight him and together with Cassios sacrificing himself will be able to KO the warrior.

He will return to the Hades saga, positioning himself as one of the warriors who will face the enemies of the underworld. Beat Raimi del Verme, will face Wyvern Radamante along with Mu from Aries and Milo from Scorpio, but the trio are outmatched by the enemy and cast into Hell. When Athena returns, the three manage to regain their strength and break free, then sacrifice themselves to allow the protagonists to access Elysium.

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