In the past twenty-four hours, new information about the live action of ONE PIECE by Netflix, which was announced in January 2020 and is currently in production, has surfaced online. According to the latest reports, the streaming giant is he would contact the actor Ludi Lin about Zoro. to play, and would be looking for an African American actor for Usopp.

According to an unofficial report, Netflix would have made very clear rules regarding the ethnicity of some of the protagonists, with particular reference to Luffy, Usopp and Zoro. At the moment the only certain information is that Ludi Lin (Liu Kang in the new Mortal Kombat movie) received a proposal, Zoro. to playwhile Usopp's rumors point to the young actor Brandon Burgess.

Specifically, Netflix seems to have requested a Brazilian boy aged 17/18 for the protagonist Luffy, an Afro-American boy of around 17 for Usopp, and two nineteen-year-olds of all ethnicities for Nami and Sanji. Zoro is expected to be played by Ludi Lin but negotiations are still ongoing so there is nothing official at the moment.

Unfortunately, Netflix has not revealed any further details at the moment, but considering that some photos from the set have already surfaced, it is likely that the casting phase is in the final phase. By the end of the year, the streaming giant should at least present the actors who will play the components of the straw hat crew.

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