It’s getting more and more dangerous inside Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. The forces that the young protagonist has to deal with are almost divine due to the involvement of the Otsutsuki clan, the aliens who can use a wealth of different techniques. And this content is underlined by the new volume.

As the manga progresses, it’s also time to release a new tankobon in Japan, bundling some of the events narrated on V-Jump and Manga Plus over the past few months. It’s officially unveiled Cover of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Issue 19. Prepared by Mikio Ikemoto, the illustration features the four protagonists of this forced coexistence: the blonde protagonist, his rival friend Kawaki, the mysterious Eida and the dangerous young Daemon. The chosen color palette is all based on blue, purple and lilac, so based on the hair of the two brothers who recently arrived in Leaf Village.

The first chapter that will be present in this volume will be 72, the first one you will see Kawaki and the others prepare to receive Eida who travels to Konoha along with Amado and the little daemon while Code manages to make contact with the Decacode and raise an army. The last one, however, will be “The Domain of the Gods”, chapter 75 of Boruto, where the power of Eida and Daemon is explained, an overview of the Otsutsuki is given, and the truth of Amado’s goal is revealed.

A group of chapters therefore not action-packed, but which initiates Boruto’s home mission, certainly not easy and far from predictable.

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