AI is increasingly on everyone's lips. Lately there has only been talk of the ChatGPT AI, but before that other names were circulating in the area. Not to mention all the apps in PlayStore that change people's faces according to some existing designs, it has been widely adopted Occasionally.

This AI is able to follow the inputs, of course with results that vary according to the descriptions given by the user. Everything is still far from perfection and autonomy, but these AIs are making more and more progress. Now Shinchosha has decided to take advantage of one Create a manga to be officially published.

Rootport is a manga creator that uses this AI to publish a whole new story. Bunch Comics begins March 9, 2023 Serialization of the first manga drawn by an AI. The project is Sci-Fi and Rootport took care of it, giving as its main contribution the reinterpretation of the famous story of Momotaro, one of the most proposed in Japan. The manga begins with an old couple finding a mysterious child outside a strip club in the city of Neo Okayama. The boy has peachy hair and important data in his possession.

In the tweet proposed by Rootport below you can see some images that will open the first chapter of this manga designed by Midjourney. That will be successful Momotaro in a Sci-Fi Key and will the AI ​​be able to keep up with the creations of other authors? In the meantime, this software is increasingly coming into focus, also because of lawsuits against Midjourney and other AIs.

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