Years ago there was the transition from WIT Studio to MAPPA. That was the beginning of the end The attack of the giants in the anime version, with the last season here now. However, the long-awaited end was a long time coming: Studio MAPPA first released a part 1, and then a part 2 the following year, but without ending the story.

After the last episodes of part 2 it was time announced the arrival of Attack on Titan 4 Final Part, which would have marked the completion of the work. However, it has only been confirmed in the last few days that the last part will not be distributed all together as in the past, but in two parts. So there will be room for Attack on Titan Final Season Final Part 1 and then Part 2.

However, this led to the hilarity of the network. If on the one hand there are fans who complain that they have to wait a long time to see the end of the story, on the other hand there are those who made fun of the production for this choice. In fact, even in marketing there is a very confused and unclear subtitle and therefore many tweets that have appeared on the net, like the one available below, laugh at the choice made.

Bottom line, the three parts of the final season could have been normal subtitled as Season 4, Season 5 and Season 6, last season exclusively for the latter. Studio MAPPA's choice is not far-fetched given the many tasks it has to perform, so splitting it in two is the right choice in terms of production and quality.

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