The current story arc of ONE PIECE The land of Wa is nearing the end, and as we see the Straw Hat Pirates advance into the areas of Onigashima to reach Kaido and clash with powerful opponents, there are already the nine red scabbards led by Kin'emon ready to sacrifice yourself for the memory of odes.

Over the years, Eiichiro Oda got used to us Intense battles with moving and unforgettable momentsand the final tables of Chapter 991 entitled "Let Us Die" are certainly one of them. The chapter begins with X Drake, the undercover marine who joined the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts and asked Luffy to step on their side.

The Mugiwara have a new ally among them and are in a better position than them Samurai loyal to Odes, who meanwhile openly face Kaido transformed and his subordinates. Although the Lord of Kuri has long been dead, we know how much the Nine Red Sheaths want to do whatever it takes to make his dream come true, and they are ready to die after trying to surrender to Kaido's immense power instead of themselves to surrender to him.

"Run away? Don't make me laugh! We're tired of running and hiding! Let's just die! Like Lord Odens Samurai! As soon as we get your head, mind you! " These are the words the samurai use before setting off to attack with their katanas. What will happen to the Nine Red Foders in the next chapter? Let us know with a comment below.

Keep in mind that ONE PIECE is currently on a long hiatus and we are leaving you to a very loyal cosplay from Sanji.

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